How Do You Rank on Google?

How Do You Rank on Google

Not ranking too well on Google or other search engine listings? You’ve poured endless amounts of time and effort into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but to no reward?  Here’s what you could be missing:

  1. Don’t Overdo It:

Where websites once gained search engine status by effectively flooding their content with keywords, today over-optimisation tactics are recognised by Google and will result in your search engine rankings crashing down on you.  Continue reading

Get Social: Digital Marketing Strategies for Brand Management.

Social Media for brand management

In today’s society, the social media sphere is more important than ever – especially in regards to your brand management and personal branding.

A failure to shift to the completely established paradigm that sees social media platforms as the primary form of digital branding is ultimately detrimental to a brand name.

Social media for branding – even for the most technologically illiterate – does not have to be a daunting prospect. Follow these simple pieces of advice and ensure you implement a digital marketing strategy that truly does your brand justice. Continue reading

Bounce Back from a High Bounce Rate

Factors affecting your bounce rate

Take leaps and bounds towards higher conversion by reducing your bounce rate. 

Before you can do anything about reducing your website’s bounce rate, you’re going to need to know exactly what bounce rate is – and what it’s not.

Let’s get one thing straight: bounce rate is not a measurement of one’s sporting ability or something muttered by commentators at the ping-pong world championships. Hone in a little closer to online marketing strategy and you’ll be a much warmer. Bounce rate is essentially the percentage of people who exit a website from its landing page, without delving any further into the abyss of hyperlinks and pages of delightful content you offer. Continue reading

Mobile Behaviours: How Your Mobile Sight is Costing You

Optimize your website for mobile marketing

There is no denying it; we are in the smartphone age. You only have to take a bus trip to see just how many people are unable to pull their eyes off their smart phone as they swipe through Instagram or Facebook, listen to music, message their friends and Facetime their family. But it is no longer just entertainment relief that smartphones provide; they are now becoming integral components of people’s everyday lives. This is where m-commerce and Google shopping bump into one another. Banking, email, shopping, work – it’s probably not such a hyperbole when some assert they cannot live without their smartphone. Continue reading

Stop The Spam Bots

How to stop the spam bots from driving fake referral trrafic

If you don’t know what spam bots are – bots being short for robots – the name might conjure images of a new android species in a dystopian future. You might, therefore, be surprised to learn that spam bots not only exist in our present day, but are prevalent; in fact, they might be trolling your computer as we speak. According to the Incapsula Blog, in the period between August and October 2013, bots accounted for 56% of all website visits. So no, they aren’t roaming the streets and overruling the human race, but they sure are causing a nuisance for many website operators. Continue reading

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