6 Quick Tips For Reducing Page Load Time

Reduce page load time

If you own a website, then you might already be finding yourself surrounded by a lot of challenges such as conversion optimization, boosting traffic and enhancing the user experience. No matter how solid your digital marketing strategy is, if your website fails to hold the attention of your users or even attract them in the first place, then all your marketing efforts will go down the drain. And when one talks about things such as website traffic and user experience, one element that simply cannot be ignored is page load time. The quicker your page load time is, the better are your chances of conversions.

But what can you do to shorten it? Here are some of the useful tips which will help you trim at least a few seconds from your page load time: Continue reading

Make Me Mobile: How to Improve Your Mobile Search Performance


Make Me Mobile

If, while passing time on the morning compute to work on any metropolitan bus (especially those that pass by Universities or high schools or that just so happen to be jam-packed with Gen X and Y-ers), you have cast your gaze upon the other bus commuters, you will notice that just about everyone has their eyes locked securely on their phones. This, of course, comes with negative connotations, especially in the older generations.

There’s no denying the stark truth:  we are a mobile phone generation; we carry the world in our pockets.But is this really such a terrible thing? Continue reading

How Do You Rank on Google?

How Do You Rank on Google

Not ranking too well on Google or other search engine listings? You’ve poured endless amounts of time and effort into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but to no reward?  Here’s what you could be missing:

  1. Don’t Overdo It:

Where websites once gained search engine status by effectively flooding their content with keywords, today over-optimisation tactics are recognised by Google and will result in your search engine rankings crashing down on you.  Continue reading

Get Social: Digital Marketing Strategies for Brand Management.

Social Media for brand management

In today’s society, the social media sphere is more important than ever – especially in regards to your brand management and personal branding.

A failure to shift to the completely established paradigm that sees social media platforms as the primary form of digital branding is ultimately detrimental to a brand name.

Social media for branding – even for the most technologically illiterate – does not have to be a daunting prospect. Follow these simple pieces of advice and ensure you implement a digital marketing strategy that truly does your brand justice. Continue reading

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