Mobile Behaviours: How Your Mobile Sight is Costing You

Optimize your website for mobile marketing

There is no denying it; we are in the smartphone age. You only have to take a bus trip to see just how many people are unable to pull their eyes off their smart phone as they swipe through Instagram or Facebook, listen to music, message their friends and Facetime their family. But it is no longer just entertainment relief that smartphones provide; they are now becoming integral components of people’s everyday lives. This is where m-commerce and Google shopping bump into one another. Banking, email, shopping, work – it’s probably not such a hyperbole when some assert they cannot live without their smartphone. Continue reading

Stop The Spam Bots

How to stop the spam bots from driving fake referral trrafic

If you don’t know what spam bots are – bots being short for robots – the name might conjure images of a new android species in a dystopian future. You might, therefore, be surprised to learn that spam bots not only exist in our present day, but are prevalent; in fact, they might be trolling your computer as we speak. According to the Incapsula Blog, in the period between August and October 2013, bots accounted for 56% of all website visits. So no, they aren’t roaming the streets and overruling the human race, but they sure are causing a nuisance for many website operators. Continue reading

Give your Website A Safe Landing

Factors to be considered for a successful landing page

So you’ve got people looking at your website: well then that’s half the work done! If people are finding themselves on your page, they’re either familiar with your brand and name, or they are coming into contact with it now. Either way, it’s a very positive thing as people are familiarising themselves with a digital platform to access your brand, product and/or service. What a shame it would be, then, to come all that way and deter website visitors with your landing page. You had garnered enough respect, visibility and accessibility to earn that original hit, only to immediately lose it to a competitor because your choice of font was incomprehensible to readers or because you failed to provide clear contact details!

It’s a daunting thought isn’t it? Continue reading

Improve Your Website without Fear of Aftershock.

SEO strategy during a website redesign or migration.

SEO strategy during a website redesign

There are myriad reasons why people and / or companies choose to redesign or migrate their website. It could be to integrate social media, to make their website more mobile or smartphone compatible, to make it easier to use and more accessible or to simply update it. New aesthetics or functions might be incorporated to purely add excitement for those who frequent the website. Imagine looking up a website for a company that you are debating whether or not to spend money on, only to discover it is flooded with references only relevant here before 2005, with images more pixelated than an 80’s Nintendo game, and is peppered with little dancing character gifs synonymous with early internet pioneers. Thus, updating your website alongside changes in technology, trends and fashions is important in maintaining the respect of your website viewers and customers. Continue reading

Create Credibility and Win Trust: A Quick Guide to Reputation Management.

Reputation Management

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” These famous words from Albert Einstein provide sound advice for those seeking online credibility for their company or business.

In order to bring trust your brand, it is crucial that your website reflects your own credibility. And whilst some of the ways of connoting accountability and transparency through your online profile may seem obvious, there are also myriad subtle ways to obtain your audience’s trust. Continue reading

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