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What is Social SEO?

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Social SEO is a generic term given to the optimisation of social web content. At present, a majority of good websites engage in some form of search engine optimisation. This process involves incorporating and emphasising those elements of a website that a search engine (typically Google) uses to give a website value. Social SEO is the incorporation of these techniques in social content.

SEO optimisation techniques typically include the use of blogs, keywords, frequent updates, links to other valued content and a variety of media sources, to name a few. This list of techniques has grown, as Google has updated its search criteria and has recently stretched to include relationships with social media. A presence on facebook, twitter and the like, or connection with those that have one can now improve a search engine’s evaluation of a website.

Social media strategy has been noted as an effective form of advertising and product promotion due to its direct connection with people as they interact with others. Social media greatly enhances potential for information dispersion and its content interacts directly with the lives of others. The use of social media also reduces the extent of internet anonymity and tells Google the user is likely to be more responsible for their online actions.


SEO Strategist in Sydney such as Elevate Consulting are experienced in their optimisation practices and are a forerunner in the use of social SEO. With frequent analysis of search engine criteria and an awareness of potential changes to the online environment, Elevate can provide a competitive edge to your business’ online presence.

SEO v/s Social Media Marketing

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

When a business decides to establish an online presence they are presented with a number of options. Should they use search engine optimisation practices? Should they contribute to existing, popular forums in order to contribute to their presence? Should they engage in social media marketing? Should they use online marketing of a more traditional nature?

Answering these questions is not easy and is dependent on the overall marketing strategy of your business. While the components this strategy is comprised of will vary according to business objectives, in a current online environment, a good strategy will incorporate both social media strategy and SEO strategy Sydney.

Social media is one of the most popular uses of the internet, and refusal to undertake marketing in this area ignores a substantial opportunity for any business; the opportunity to connect with consumers. This connection is not only valuable to encourage the purchase of goods and services, it also allows you to maximise your contribution to brand identity. It also makes you look good in the eyes of Google. Traditional SEO methods such as the use of keywords and valued hyperlinks are becoming less effective. Google now devalues overly manipulative web content. Social SEO is now encouraged, with optimisation occurring through conformity to what the internet is perceived to be used for; the transmission of information to all.

This does not mean content can no longer be manipulated to optimise a web page, is just has to be manipulated according to the rules. The best way to optimise your web page must now incorporate a social web presence that is (or at least appears) natural, engaging with other users in an organic fashion.


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How important is design creativity for websites?

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Let’s face it, with today’s technology having a website is essential if you want to stay in business and that see that business grow. However, if millions upon millions of websites use the Internet to compete for business you are going to need a website that “pops” if you want to be noticed. Unfortunately, most businessmen and even web designers over look the importance of creativity in a website.

While it is important for a website to be information heavy and easy to navigate, Internet users will never notice these things unless you have a website that immediately catches their attention, draws them in and then holds them there. This is exactly why you need a professional company that offers those creative services that most companies seem to lack. You don’t want a website designer who reduces your website to a series of tried and true templates, you want someone with vision who is capable of making your website stand out in the crowd.

Ways to Attract More Visitors

Spend a little time surfing the net and looking for those useful sites for web creativity. Look over the samples on these websites and ask yourself what makes these websites really stand out. There is little doubt that your answer will be that the site is creative. It has eye catching details and there is just something about the design that makes you want to browse the site.

The truth is, websites have become mundane and run of the mill. Many have a sameness to them that makes it difficult for those surfing the web in need of goods or services to choose between one website and next. With the chance to gain new customers reliant on the click of a mouse, you want your website to be more than a copy of that which a thousand websites have already used. You want a website design that says your website and your company has more to offer. You want a  design that draws the eye, pulls at  emotions, and catches the imagination of anyone surfing the net.

When choosing a web design company, make sure you take a good look at their sample websites and if their samples don’t show the creativity that will make your website unique, pass them by. There is simply no reason to pay good money for a website that will only get lost in the crowd. If you are looking for a creative web design company Sydney based, there are a few to choose from. Just take your time and make sure that the company you choose offers you the creative services that you need.


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Time To Say: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The festive season has begun and it is getting time to leave the office and to dedicate time to those ones we really care for. After Christmas-ing up your website, sending cards to your business partners and celebrating Christmas parties with all of your colleagues it is finally time to decorate your own Christmas tree. You have not even bought one yet?

Neither have we. But the Elevate Management Consulting Team is proudly looking back at an incredible year 2011. In January this year, we started off with a big get-together of the whole team at our Annual Business Conference in Las Vegas.  Since then, we have not only achieved impressive results in our clients’ search rankings, but we have also built and designed numerous SEO-friendly websites. Beyond that our team has grown and we have moved into a new office in Crows Nest.

While the rankings are going up further, we take a break and will be back on January 9 next year. We wish our clients and associate a good start into 2012 – a year that we are confidentially looking forward to.

Which of the following social marketing strategies do you think is the most effective?

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Social Bookmarking – (Example –
Social Networking – (Example – Facebook)
Social Media Sharing – (Example – Youtube)
Social News – (Example – Digg)
Micro Blogging – (Example – Twitter)
Reviewing – (Example – Amazon)

New Website Launch

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

The Elevate Management Consulting Team, is thrilled to announce that their new website is officially online as of today. The website offers interesting options for business’s seeking SEO Services. Key features included performances based payments and no locked in contracts.
We look forward to your feedback after visiting the new site

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