4 Facts That Digital Marketers Usually Overlook


  1. There is only 1 out of the top 10 website is a content website

According to the top website as per Nielsen, there is only one website that is actually a content website and that is Wikipedia. According to Carter Bowels, this indicates that content is not king but usefulness is king. The post popular websites in the world give their target audience and their consumer something to do on the website other than just read content.

Content Marketing is a useful method to grow your audience which is used by majority of the big sites around the world. However, the sites do not grow because of the content around them; they grow because of their concept, product and usefulness to the audience.

Therefore, to summarize, the fact is that a website’s concept, community interaction, tool availability, etc. are more important to the growth of a business than simply content marketing.

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Design Trends for 2015

Welcome to 2015! What online design trends are going to define the web space this year? We know that 2014 bought us grid layouts and slick flat design, will this year bring us smarter techniques? More advanced wow technology? Lets take a look in the crystal ball.

We have seen an increase in large background images being used along side parallax techniques and simple typography, will designers move away from large background images so you stand out from the masses?


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Expected Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Welcome to our first blog post of the year. In this post I am not going to write about what we predict for the marketing trends in 2015. This post is about the direction of content marketing in 2015 and in this post we are also going to cover the trends that are on the decline and the trends that are on the rise. This way we can give you a picture of content marketing in 2015.



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Welcome to 2015


2015 looks like being another challenging year in business. The internet continues to enlighten, streamline and confound business. The mobile phone and tablet continue to push the use of the internet to become more user friendly simple and easy to navigate and also to improve and summarise content. Delivery of info and quotes on the spot is expected not a luxury.

Google continues to dominate and set the usage agenda for search and even with the best efforts of Bing and Yahoo they are not in the game.

Elevate continues to assist its clients in this minefield of changing technology, changing expectations and changing requirements. Plugins continue to improve on site functionality especially in business to business processes.

More websites in the world will have to become user friendly than ever and Elevate is well versed to be able to provide either responsive or dedicated sites simply and at an effective price point. When was the last time you looked at your site on your mobile? Why not give us a call for an over the phone mobile site audit?

Business news items are full of discussions about the latest tech entrepreneur but one thing that comes through strongly from our experience is the need for a simple navigation, a worthwhile offer and exceptional turnaround and seamless operation. Not to mention the fact that the goods have to arrive in good order and in a timely manner. There are 20 times more entrepreneurs that are not successful out there because they cannot get the mix right. Make sure your site in maintained by Elevate to ensure you have regular backups, and the newest versions of your ecommerce software to keep security problems to a minimum. https://www.elevateconsulting.com.au/packages/

Lastly make sure communications between your customers is excellent especially with out of stock or replacement product or item issues.

Streamline your payments page to eliminate possible misunderstandings and make sure all costs are clearly spelt out and be able to quote a freight fee on the spot even if this is an online average or set fee.

Make sure you seek and get feedback from your freight provider even if this is only on a random basis as well as from your customers. Do you allow customer feedback to be viewable? The jury is still out on this one.

Call Elevate if your strategy needs tweaking, your web pages need assessment or you have FUGLY pages left over from a confused ecommerce beginning. Give us a call today.

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Top 5 Recommended WordPress Plugins


In my last blog about WordPress, I wanted to identify the good points of WordPress and reasons why it’s being used to build websites. WordPress has contains a large number of plugins (free or premium) from various resources to powers websites to be more capable with online visibility and effectiveness.

Here are my recommended top 5 WordPress plugins to install in your WordPress website:

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